We at St. Peter's really appreciate all that Revd. Carol Close does and has done for us over the last few years. Even though she is not our full time vicar, her professionalism, care and concern shown for the people of this parish has not gone unnoticed.  She is tireless in her ministry to the sick and bereaved as well as to the many young families who come for marriages and baptisms.  Her support of the young people in the parish goes without saying.

With all this in mind, the churchwardens decided to give her a surprise when she celebrated a BIG birthday in November......modesty forbids to give the number away!

After the 11.00am service on 5th November, Carol was taken back down the aisle and given several tokens of thanks from members of the congregation.  Afterwards, coffee and cake was served in the meeting room.  Good times and we have the photos to prove it!  Thank you for all that you do for us Carol.  God bless you.